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Homework Answers (requires PUSD email)

Chapter 1

Factoring Practice

Chapter 1 Review


Chapter 1 Team Test Solutions

Appendix A

Appendix A Extra Practice


Appendix A Stations


End of chapter whiteboard practice


Appendix A Team Test Solutions

Appendix B

Appendix B Extra Practice


Appendix B Whiteboard Practice

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Graphing Functions


Chapter 2 More Graphing Practice


Chapter 2 Extra Practice


Chapter 2 More Problems


Chapter 3

Extra Practice with Rationals

Chapter 3 Extra Usub practice

U-sub Practice 1 (found online)

U-sub Practice 2 (found online)

Graphing Rationals Practice


More graphing rationals practice


Semester 1

Semester 1 Study Guide

Answers (Number 17 is actually y = -0.142(x-7)^2+13)

Worked Out Solutions

Semester 1 Final Topics

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Review

Solutions (On Graph 2, the green graph is if the equation had been negative)

Chapter 5

Evaluating Logs Practice

Log Review

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Review Word Problems


Chapter 6 Review Logs and 3 equations 3 unknowns

Chapter 6 Whiteboard Review


Even more log practice

More Chapter 6 Problems

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Spring Break Practice

Super fun Log and Trig Practice


Practice graphing Trig Functions (The answers on page 2 and 3 are not great. See my solutions below. The way I show my graphs is the expectation for the test)

My Solutions

Practice Graphing


Video Solutions

Game to get better at Radians

Game to get better at unit circle

More practice with solving trig (Some of the later problems are pretty challenging. Factoring/U-sub might be required. The last two you might need to use the Pythagorean Identity)

Select Solutions

Video Solutions

Chapter 7 Review

Solutions (Solution for 6 is incorrect. Should be 5cos(2pi/2.6*20)+7 the period was incorrectly inputted as 1.3 (which is actually the half period). The final answer should be 5.227 in)

Test Review Chapter 7


Chapter 8

Video: Analyzing Polynomial Graphs

Video: Roots and Imaginary Numbers

Video: Finding Roots of Polynomials

Chapter 8 Practice with Polynomials

More Practice with Polynomials

Writing equations of polynomials

Grain Silo Polynomial problem

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Practice with Series

Chapter 10 Binomial Expansion and e practice

Semester 2

Semester 2 Study Guide

Solutions (Answer to 3d incorrect. Should be 6.37. Also12c is incorrect. Should be 64/81)

Random practice final I found online